Global Roofing and Restoration Company is the Atlanta area’s largest contractor for Commercial Roofing Services Atlanta GA, new roof construction, and siding installation. We offer professional building envelope services for residential, commercial and industrial customers. If your home or business is in the Atlanta area, Global Roofing and Restoration is the best choice to meet your roof repair and new Commercial Roofing Services Atlanta GA requirements.

Atlanta Commercial Roof Repair, Roof Replacement & More

With years of experience and a commitment to customer service and quality work, Global Roofing and Restoration Company is the clear choice for all your commercial roofing needs. When you rely on our Commercial Roofing Services Atlanta GA contractors, you can count on work that is done to the highest standard and completed on time. We provide the following services to clients for Commercial Roofing Services Atlanta, GA

  • Commercial Roof Repair
  • Roof Replacement
  • New Roof Construction
  • Commercial Roof Coatings

When it comes to your Commercial Roofing project, there are three key factors that are imperative to the success of the job: Quality, attention to detail and superior customer service. Global Roofing and Restoration offers it all. The team at Global Roofing and Restoration has spent numerous years in the field gaining firsthand knowledge of the roofing industry, resulting in an experience that is unmatched in the business.

Commercial Roofing Services Atlanta

At Global Roofing and Restoration, we take every measure possible to minimize risk during your project, ensure safety and provide the best care possible for your facility. We work hard to deliver the quality you deserve efficiently, and with minimal disruption to your operations.


We are educators at heart, and we’re constantly seeking to inform our clients so they can make wise decisions.

We strive to maintain a standard of quality workmanshipclear communication, and customer service that exceeds the industry standard. We want our customers thrilled with the amount of value they’re receiving.

Our people are not just employees, they are family, partners, and owners, contributing in a meaningful way.

About Global Roofing and Restoration

Global Roofing and Restoration have worked with clients in industries such as retail, pharmaceutical, condominiums and more. Whether you are in need of a Commercial Roofing Service Atlanta GA that sprawls across several large buildings, or a simple waterproofing job, Global Roofing and Restoration has the tools and the knowledge to complete your project.

Assessing and mitigating the risks that accompany large, complicated projects is a specialty of ours. The team at Global Roofing and Restoration prides itself in providing the greatest care and caution for your facility, contents, and safety. Global Roofing and Restoration stay a step ahead when it comes to safety, and do everything in our power to minimize operational disruption to your business.

When you choose to work with Global Roofing and Restoration, you not only choose the best customer service, but you also choose quality. We use the best manufacturers in the industry to complete our roofing and waterproofing jobs. Whether you are in need of a Modified Bitumen Roofing System, TPO or a small waterproofing job, you can expect quality.


Our goal at Global Roofing and Restoration is to make your Commercial Roofing Service process in Atlanta go as smooth as possible. The skill and knowledge of our authorized and certified installers show in each commercial building we re-roof and our reputation as quality Atlanta commercial roofing contractors ensures that you will get a roofing job you can be proud of for years to come. Our customer base has been built by offering dependability, quality materials, and professional workmanship at affordable prices. When you choose Global Roofing and Restoration for Commercial Roofing Service in Atlanta GA, you have chosen the best way to protect and add value to your investment. Your roof is guaranteed to last for years to come.